Wedding Hamlet

On November 28, 1998, Jeff and I said "I do" on Paradise Island, the Bahamas. It was an absolutely beautiful day. The bright sun beat down upon us as a cool wind kept the rays from becoming too unbearable. Paradise Island really lives up to its name.

Two weeks later, Jeff and I returned home from our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. Even though the wedding has passed, the spirit of the day will always linger through... pictures!

The following is a list of some pictures from the wedding. Click on the underline word from each sentence and that will take you to another page with the actual picture.

  • This is me arriving at the ceremony in my limo.
  • Here's a picture of my maid of honor Debby.
  • Here's my sister (and bridesmaid) Dawn trying not to fall down the many stairs.
  • Here's a picture of my parents and me walking down the stairs to Here Comes the Bride.
  • This is the ceremony.
  • Here's a picture of Jeff on bended knee. The minister made him recite his vows from his knees. Awww!
  • ... And finally, the final moment of the ceremony.