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Welcome to Newadelphia, the place where new things come to life. This is the place to come to if you're wondering what's new around here. If you've never been to Robin's World, then what's new around here is you.

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Here's brief overview of what's new:

  • Coming Soon - pictures from our Valentine's Day trip and possibly more chinchilla pictures.... :-)
    • I'm bored. I wrote two new songs for two new animals - Elsa and Nemo. If I get any more bored, Wensley's and Zoe's songs will be written soon, too. Check them out in Vaguelando.
    • The pictures from our trip to Memphis have been removed. I was getting sick of getting "you're over your space allotment" notices from our ISP. Pictures take up a lot of room so I had to clear up some disk space. The "story" of our trip is there, still. Paris will be taken down soon, too.... As soon as we go on another Valentine's Day trip (which is right around the corner).
    • Our Christmas lists have turned into their own villa in Wish List Falls. Visit Vaguelando - it's the gateway to Wish List Falls.
    • Our Christmas lists have found their way to Christmas Village in Vaguelando.
    • Our trip to Ireland has finally made its way to the site. It hasn't been that long. Go to St. Travelsburg for the photos and the story.
    • Elsa and Nemo have a few more pictures up. Check out their new pictures by going to their page Chinsfield and click on Elsa to view a list of her pictures. Click on Nemo's picture in Chinsfield to go to his picture page.
    • Coming Soon - Christmas lists! Now you can't say that you couldn't get me a present cuz ya didn't know what I wanted! :-) Jeff's list will be there, too.
    • With the addition of Nemo the chinchilla, Elsafield expanded into Chinsfield. Check out the story on Nemo and an update regarding Elsa.
    • Wensleydale just got a little cuter. Wensley's Vineyard (the picture section of Wensleydale) has been revamped. All the old photos had lost their clearness (okay, I messed with them to make them load faster and ended up destroying the resolution). I took the old photos down and replaced them with all new! (To get to Wensley's Vineyard, click on the picture of Wensley on the main page of Wensleydale.
    • Of course, not to be outdone, Ogdenapolis also got a little cuter. Two new pictures were added to Ogden's Island (again, to get to Ogden's Island, click on the picture of Ogden in Ogdenapolis).
    • Our trip to Memphis finally got its spot in St. Travelsburg. However, Paris still doesn't have a story, but I'm working on it....
    • Robin's World (the front page) got a little sprucing up. Not too drastic, just some re-organization. Let me know how ya like it!
    • What's new? Lots of things are new!
    • For starters, Elsafield is new. In fact, it's new to us, too. Checkout Elsafield to find what it's all about.
    • Feeling a little... vague? Head to Vaguelando, a city that will help you get over that feeling... well, at least make you feel a little more at home. Vaguelando is home to all things weird in Robin's World.
    • Sadly, Mujinati is no longer a featured city. The city is gone, but not forgotten. Visit Vaguelando to tour that city again.
    • If you haven't noticed it yet, you're probably never gonna notice it until I tells ya. Robin's World has a new look!
    • Coming soon - updates to St. Travelsburg (more pictures from travels not so far away).
    • Well, it's been awhile since the site has been updated. This site has an Easter/spring theme. Very pastelish. Whew.
    • Also, the pictures from our trip to Paris have now been posted in St. Travelsburg. The "story" ofthe trip has yet to be written, but for now, you can ooh and ahh over the pics.
    • Also, sometime in the very near future Fran Town will be updated and so will - eventually - Jeffreyborough. Check back soon for these exciting updates!
    • But for now, Happy Easter!
    • Christmas is over. The packages have all been unwrapped. The decorations are starting to come down. Notice the new theme? It's a Winter Wonderland here in Robin's World. Stick your tongue out. Maybe you'll catch some snowflakes.
    • St. Travelsburg has pictures from our trip to Arizona. Check them out! There are also some pictures added from our trip to Jamaica, too.
    • What's new? It's Christmas... at least it is here in Robin's World!
    • If you mosey on over to Christmas Cove, you'll discover our inner most wishes and desires... at least what we want for Christmas.
    • Also, if you hop on up to St. Travelsburg, you'll find pictures from Jamaica and Jersey. The Sedona pictures will find their way to the internet soon... I hope
    • Pictures from our trip to Amsterdam are now on display in St. Travelsburg. I must apologize; we didn't take many. Of course, those that we did take were mostly of cheese. Had we seen some windmills, there would be pictures of those, too.
    • First of all, I fixed some of the misspellings that were running amuck... Whoops.
    • Next, I added the pictures from the trip to Cleveland (there aren't too many) and a few more to the South Dakota Spree - both in St. Travelsburg. Amsterdam pictures will be coming soon, I promise!
    • Next, more pictures were added to Wensleydale (Wensley's Vineyard), Ogdenapolis (Ogdenapolis Island), and Mujinati (Cape Chinchilla).
    • To every thing turn, turn, turn. There is a website change, change, change. That's right. More changes. Nothing too radical, but enough changes to keep me busy. Here's the list of what got a few snips:
    • Jeffreyborough got a nose job. Notice the new banner. Future surgery: lip collagen.
    • Funland had an ear tuck and cheek implants. Part of Funland is now St. Travelsburg. The other part of Funland has moved to the bottom of Newadelphia. You can still see old pictures and songs. You just have to travel to another country.
    • St. Travelsburg emerged as a cheek implant from Funland. Now, the pictures and recounts of our travels have their own section.
    • Funland has pictures from our trip to Alaska! Funland has also been re-organized a bit (don't be afraid). I put each trip on a separate page. There are so many Alaska pics!
    • Cleveland pics coming soon. I haven't forgotten you, Dubby!!
    • So little to say, so much time! No, wait. Strike that, reverse it.
    • First, Robin's World has extended to another galaxy. Whenever this site's down, go to the other one at The new site is the same but looks a bit different. Don't be alarmed. The planet is still inhabited by friendly and drooly creatures.
    • Robin's World has been re-written a bit.
    • Wensleydale has more story to it.
    • Mujinati has a a new picture.
    • Mes Amies City (with both San Dubbyisco and Fran Town) has some new pictures.
    • There's a new section!! Although there's not a little story yet, visit Jeffreyborough!
    • As always, make sure you click on the picture on the main page of each city (like Mujinati, Wensleydale, Jeffreyborough). The pictures will take you to more pictures!
    • There are some new pictures in Funland and finally, some more pictures of Wensley in Wensley's Vineyard. Go to Wensleydale to get to Wensley's Vineyard.
    • There are some new pictures in Funland.
    • Two new sections! Try to figure them out. Give up? Okay, I'll tell you. Wensleydale and Mes Amies City.
    • Pictures, pictures, pictures in the Wedding Hamlet! Check them out!
    • Even though the day has passed, check out the Wedding Hamlet. There'll be pictures soon!

    HELPFUL HINT: Click on the pictures! They'll bring you to either more pictures of that nature or a bigger picture. Click on Ogden, click on Muji, click on Dubby, click on Fran, click on the pigs!

    And, if you're not a frequent flyer to Robin's World, you're probably not aware of some other recent additions. Here they are:

    • Need some songs to sing in the shower? How about some tunes to hum around the office? Check out the songs I wrote for my animals at Robin's Songs (a division of FunLand).
    • There are some new recipes. Check them out at the Recipe Corner
    • .