Vague about Vagueland?
Vaguelando is a place where things come to live when they don't have any other place to live. This is where you'll find "special" things - like memorials and geckos. It's also the new home of the long forgotten (and non-updated) cities like Vegetarian Square and Recipe Corner. These cities voted to move but they're certainly not off the map. If you haven't the vaguest idea where to find something, then you're headed in the right direction - Vaguelando.

Wedding Hamlet
The Wedding Hamlet is the place to be if fierce creatures are not your cup of tea. The Wedding Hamlet has pictures of the wedding (which took place on November 28, 1998 in the Bahamas). The wedding may be over, but the memory lingers on and on.

Halloween Town is the place to go if you're looking to see all my past Halloween costumes. Okay... so there are only a few in there now, but it's a start (particularly since the lastest one is there).

Our beloved chinchilla Mujibur passed away on 5/22/00. Even though he is physically gone, his memory will linger on in Mujinati.

Of course, who could forget our stinky little pig Gideon? His eulogy is still here, even if he's not.

The waddling Zoe the pig is next on the tribute list. Visit her tribute page and bring a carrot.

Sadly, this addition to the memorial section - Nemo.

Another addition to the memorial section - Elsa.

My little pea Wensley has sadly been added to the memorial section.

The memorial section continues to grow as I add Sirbie.

Another addition to the memorial section - Fenn.

Meester Gecko Pueblo
Meet the newest member to the Holland Animal Kingdom - Meester Gecko (said with an Hispanic accent, please). He's small, he's green, and he's a gecko. Meester Gecko Pueblo has a very small population and since he's not a very active gecko, will probably remain a very tiny town.

Fun Stuff
I like to make up songs and occasionally, those songs stick in my head until I'm forced to write them down. View them for yourself in Funland.

Mes Amies City
Mes Amies City is a showcase for my two friends Dubby and Fran. Each have their own little city, too. There's San Dubbyisco, where you'll find a ray of sunshine named Dubby and Fran Town, where happiness is called Fran.

Vegetarian Square
I'm still a vegetarian. That's a fact that's not going to change and neither is the web page. If you want to read up on vegetarians and vegetarianism, go to Vegetarian Square.

Recipe Corner
I haven't updated my recipe page in years so I've banished it to Vaguelando. If you need a recipe, you can find it at Recipe Corner.

Sometimes there is a need for me to put the invite for this week's festival on my web site. That sometimes is whenever I didn't create the invitation with enough time to mail it to the recipients. If you're going to be in town during one of our "movie" festivals, let me know. The festival du jour is Crap Shoot.