Projects. Ah, yes, projects. A few years ago, my projects were confined to revamping furniture or making little crafty things. Now that we have a house, my projects have expanded. I can now revamp rooms. And now that we have a yard, that, too, gets to be revamped. This page is devoted to all the "little" projects I do. Check back often. This page is sure to fill up quickly.

November 15-16 - Rufus' Bed
Whenever Rufus runs around outside his cage, he plays in Sirbie's bed and lays on Sirbie's blanket under our bed. These acts told me that Rufus craves something soft and cushy to sleep on. I decided to make him a bed of his very own. View the story and some pics of Rufus' Bed.

2007 - Robin's "Art"
Yes, art is in quotes because it's questionable... and very much open to debate as far as what "art" really is. But this is my work on canvas:

April 2007 - The Coffee Table
I think this makes the fourth, possibly fifth time the poor coffee table has been revamped. And I'm sure it won't be the last time, either.

November 2004 - The Basement Stairs
I like color. I like to paint. Since there aren't too many rooms left to paint in our house, I've moved on to other areas without color. I thought I'd make the drab basement stairs more colorful - add some fun to carrying laundry up and down the stairs.

March 6-12, 2004 - The Coffee Table - Again
The tile job that I did on the coffee table was starting to chip and was incredibly food stained. I decided to refinish the table... again. View the story and some pics of the coffee table.

October, 2003 - Halloween/Fall Decorations
I like to decorate the outside of the house just a bit for the different holidays and seasons. We had scarecrows in the yard, autumn leaf garland on the railing, and pumpkins on each step up to the house (there were 13 in all). View the pics of theScarecrows.

August 24-27, 2003 - Sirbie's Bed
Before we brought home our wonderful new Maine Coon Sirbie, I decided to make him a bed. It took a little longer than I anticipated and it was much, much bigger than I had planned. View the story and some pics of Sirbie's Bed.

The Living Room
The first project on the list is old. I tackled this one before we bought the house. Since it took ALL weekend long, it will remain on this page until the pain goes away. For this project, I made covers for the couch cushions, a cover for the oversized chair cushion, and tiled our coffee table. The project is simply called - The Living Room.