Robin's World

Hi! My name's Robin and welcome to the world of Robin - better known in my own mind as Robin's World. There are a ton of characters in this world. As ruler of this land, I invite you to come and explore (just don't bring in any fruit - we don't want to attract flies).

Robin's World is filled with lots o' interesting characters and places. The Adventure begins as soon as you choose to enter Robin's World. Ask yourself, do you feel courageous? Well, if you do, click on a city and launch yourself into the adventure.

Not feeling all that courageous? Wanna know what the city is like before you've made hotel reservations? Well, here are some descriptions of each city:

  • Jeffreyborough just proves that cute is definitely a prerequisite to getting your own city in Robin's World. Jeffreyborough is my husband Jeffrey's page... although there's not much to it now. He's working on it!

  • Bunnyport is the newest addition to my world. It's too new to know what's quirky and exciting, but cute does play an important part of this new town. Check it out (and bring some blueberries).

  • Catsachusetts is ruled by co-mayors Howard and Baloo, who are best of friends. They bathe each other. They sleep curled up together. They even use the litter box together (although I'm not too sure Howard is happy about that). Visit their town to see how cute they are!

  • Garden Grove may not be for the faint of heart. If you find veggies and flowers intimidating, you might not want to step foot here. Garden Grove, where it's okay to ask "How does your garden grow?"

  • St. Travelsburg recounts the tales of our travels. There are pictures and stories - and lots of them, too!

  • The newest addition to our world is Movie Valley, a land where movies get reviewed (or in other words, my ramblings take the form of a verbose opinion).

  • Vaguelando is a strange land, a land not many can brave. It's eerie, spooky, and down right cooky. Vaguelando is a place where all things go to live that I don't know what else to do with. For instance, have you wondered what happened to Mujibur the chinchilla and Mujinati? Although Muji may be gone, his memory will always be in orVegetarian Square, both citied voted to move to Vaguelando. See other tributes to fallen animals like Gideon the stinky pig, Zoe the waddler, and Nemo, the barking, banana-eating chinny with a lot of girth.

  • Project Springs has moved up from village to blossoming city. This page is devoted to all the wonderful "little" projects that occupy my time. Haven't heard from me in awhile? You might want to check this page to find out what I'm up to... or buried under.

  • Wish List Falls has finally emerged from the shadows of Vaguelando and out into the real world. Well, Robin's World, at any rate. Wish List Falls - it ain't just for holidays anymore!

  • Ogdenapolis is inhabited by Ogden, the dragon-breath cat. Ogden is part Maine Coon, part Norwegian Forest Cat, part drool machine. He may not be with us but his city will never die.

  • Newadelphia will help you get out of a jam, if you're lost. It tells you what's new around these parts - all the additions and deletions from the Robin's World.

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