I like to make up songs using the tunes to other songs, substituting words that mean something to me. Currently, I only have songs for my animals (which is probably a good thing). I make them up to entertain myself. They're pretty silly, perhaps even stupid, but they make me laugh. I especially like the song for Ogden. I'm sure I've made up dozens of songs over the years but these are some of the ones that have stuck in my head. I hope you enjoy them - at least get a good laugh out of them. I think they're hilarious.

Some points of interest:

I call Ogden "Nooney." Don't ask why or how or when. I think he's always had the nickname because I sure as heck can't remember when I gave it to him. Maybe he whispered it in my ear while I was sleeping. Maybe it's his real name. I don't know.

Quincy was a kitten we got from the Humane Society. We thought Ogden wanted a friend. I think perhaps he still does, just not one that attacks him while he's in the potty. Quincy used to beat Ogden up and so we got rid of poor Quincy. I feel bad about the whole incident, which is perhaps why the song sticks in my head. It helps me remember him.

You all know Muji the chinchilla. He has bitten every single animal (and human) in the apartment. They all fear him, especially Ogden. If Ogden has to go past Muji's cage, he runs. This song was written for Muji, king of the animals.

I finally got Elsa's song written! The song came naturally, given Elsa's tendancy to be a freak when she's out of her cage. You would think she has brain damage from the number of times she smacks into walls but it doesn't seem to phase her. The wall, on the other, is another story.

While I was writing Elsa's song, Nemo's song kinda popped into my head. Nemo likes me - he loves attention, but he doesn't like to be touched. Well, picked up. He likes me to scratch his chin and belly, but he won't let me pick him up. Chinchillas don't make noise but Nemo has learned how to bark. Trust me, it's a bark. And although I know he's not ferocious, it still scares me every single time. He likes that.

And finally, the song I used to sing to Muji every morning. It's not a very good song but Muji never minded.

Wensley and Zoe will get their own songs, too (eventually). We've had Wensley over a year now and I still can't come up with a good song for her. As always, click on the box you wish to view. You'll hurt your eyes if you try to read the song from here!

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